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(Willmottiae Seedling) Tall goblets, almost green in bud, opening pale green and white; stamens pale lemon yellow. Delicate and exquisite. Handsome, rather pale foliage.


(Lutea Hybrids Gp) Yellow delicately edged rose, deep maroon centre. The slightly fluted, very finished flowers are held high above the foliage.


Double. Late. Large soft flowers of delicate flesh pink on opening with a flush of lemon at the heart. Strong, upright growth, free flowering, fragrant.

Angel’s Veil

White, semi-double tree. Pollen parent – Shintenchi. Seed parent – Companion of Serenity. First bloomed 1992—24-26″ in height. Very large white and a very ruffled flower with pink flares, short...

Angel Wings

Color, ivory white, center tea-tinted as it opens. Form, large, loose flat type when fully opened. Stem, strong, medium, tall. Substance—good texture, waxy in appearance. Distinctiveness—very chaste flower, much .admired....

Ann Rutledge

Double type; medium size; late. Guards cream-white, tinted light pink; center cream-white; faint fragrance. No stamens. Dwarf; floriferous; stems willowy. Good foliage.

Angel Gown

White semi-double tree. Pollen parent – Shintenchi. Seed parent – Companion of Serenity. First bloomed 1992—height 38″. Very large semi-double, white with pink flares. Has good foliage, good plant habit....

Angel Emily

Seedling MRV-12. Rock’s Variety x ‘Shintenchi’. First bloomed 1992 (its 4th season), first propagated before 2000. Pinkish-lavender with sharp-edged dark purple flares to 30% of petal’s length. Filaments are 5/8...

Angel Choir

Semi-double white tree peony. Pollen parent. Shintenchi. Seed parent. Rocks Variety. First bloomed 1989. Height 32-36″. Large white blooms, semi-double with purple flares. Strong large plant with good form. Looks...

Angel Cheeks

Parentage: Seed Parent: Mons Jules Elie, Pollen Parent: 69J. One main bud per stem with 2-3 auxilliary buds. Stems short strong 20-24″ Tall. Form: Compact Bornb shaped double. Seedling #...